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"Funkallero" was founded in 2011 by pianist and its leader Vasil Spasov. He graduated from Berklee College of Music, and is currently performer, composer and arranger in a number of projects. He is a professor at the National Music Academy in Sofia. All members of the group are in demand studio musicians with a rich musical biography. The group is taking part of the program of major clubs and festivals throughout Bulgaria and appeares in broadcasts on television and radio in the country. The band has issued recently their first album with original compositions written by it's founder Vasil Spasov.


The members of "Funkallero" are Dimitar Lyolev - alto saxophone, Miroslav Ivanov - guitar, Vasil Spassov - leader, composer and keys, Radoslav Slavchev - Riverman - bass, Georgi Markov - drums.


The band's name is taken from the eponymous composition of Bill Evans and is a tribute to his legacy.

Radoslav Slavchev


Born 1982, Ruse Bulgaria. Radoslav discovered his talents at the age of 10, starting his guitar education. Before graduating from the Ruse Music School he switched to bass guitar. His first band experience came with the Ahead project which he founded with class-mate Antony Rikev aka WahTony. With Ahead Radoslav travelled to Norway, France, Greece. 
Soon Ahead moved to Sofia, which meant an intense clubbing life, a studio album (2003) and four videos to it. In the meantime Radoslav obtained a MA degree in bass guitar from the Music Academy. 
For several years he taught bass guitar at the Music Arts Center (2009–2011). He joined various projects, amonghs which was alternative jazz formation High Time. He also founded the Poppers band along with brother Aleksander Slavchev. Through the years Radoslav has worked with notable artists such as Vasil Naydenov, Stoyan Royanov – Ya-Ya, Cecilia Long, Spens, the Mangasaryan Brothers, Ivo Papazov – Ibriama, Funkalero, Safo. At present he is preparing his debut solo album.

Miroslav Ivanov is undoubtedly one of the most famous and respected guitar players and musicians based in Bulgaria. Miroslav Ivanov established his first band DVX while he attended Secondary School of Music in Shumen, Bulgaria. With DVX he recorded his first album before he moved to Sofia to study for the next five years at the “ Pancho Vledigerov Music Academy” to obtain a BA and MA degree in 1998. In 2008 Miroslav was invited to join an award-winning alternative Irish rock band called AMORIC. As a guitarist and leading composer he recorded compositions with Grammy nominated US producer Bruce Sugar in Dublin’s Temple Lane Studios. The band played at many Irish festivals and at SolFest in England. In 2011 Miroslav came back to Bulgaria to record his own instrumental music album and in 2012 he became a member of “ Music Clinic Records” label based in Bulgaria. In 2013 Miroslav established “ Miroslav Ivanov Quarted”. In March 2014 the band recorded and released the album “Directions” under the“ Music Clinic Records” label. 

Dimitar Liolev was born in Plovdiv and he was raised in Smolyan, in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains. He was brought up in love for traditions – his father was a folk musician. The moment when he became aware of the need to express his culture in music in an interview on Jazz FM Dimitar Liolev described with these words: “I was in The Netherlands to study jazz – the music embodying the culture of America, when I felt the desire to look back and explore my own national culture.” He believes he is “a true Bulgarian travelling all over the world”.
You study the changes that this influence brings about in you and then comes acceptance. That is the moment when you know that nothing will ever be the same. Possessing this new knowledge, you take a fresh look at yourself and the structure of the world, inspired by this richness that you have just discovered.  “I am in such a state of mind that from that moment on I only want to create, to present, to be happy”, describes the creative impulse Dimitar Liolev.


Vasil Spasov is a disciple of Sofia School Of Music,  graduate from the Bulgarian State Music Academy and a Bachelor from Berkeley College Of Music in piano and film scoring major. Since his debut in 1989 on the stage of the XIIth International Jazz Forum, as a part of the Prof. Simeon Shterev project until now he has built a solid reputation as performer and composer. Vasil Spasov is among the most popular jazz musicians in Bulgaria. Known as a leader and collaborator in several projects, he is currently a pianist of the "Mihail Yossifov Sextet", "Romaneno Project" and Milica Gladnishka, as well as a band leader of his formation "Fankalero". He is known to audiences in the US, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and the Balkans. Author of Theater and Film music. Vasil Spasov currently writes for a number of projects of the Bulgarian National Radio Big Band lead by Antony Donchev. Profesor at the National Music Academy "Pancho Vladigerov"

Georgi Markov is born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1982. He grew up in a musical family and began playing drums at the age of ten. Fifteen years now, playing in his first band, In 2001 Georgi went to the US, where he teaches and continues to actively playing. In 2004. Studied in Highland Community College with honors and enrolled in the University of Kansas with a degree in Jazz Studies. 

In 2006, Georgi went to live in New York City where he continues to actively develop his skills of artist and session musician in parallel, he began teaching private drum lessons. A little later he began playing with a group Kagero and in 2008 the band recorded their debut self-titled album.

From late 2008 lives in Bulgaria.

In 2013 realizes its long-standing dream and founded the School of Music Band House.

Along with teaching activities, Bob played and recorded actively with Brass Association Combo, Dani Milev Band and group Funkalero.

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